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High-Impact Talent

Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management

Do you have who it takes to grow your business in the future? This highly-practical book gives executives outside of HR the frameworks and tools to lead productive initiatives for recruiting, developing, and retaining skilled professionals and young leaders. Chapters cover prioritizing talent risks, innovative solutions, and measurement.

Lost Knowledge

Lost Knowledge

This widely-praised book shows how losing critical knowledge threatens the performance of the
organization. Loaded with case studies and solutions, it is a must-read for leaders who want to reduce the risks and leverage opportunities posed by changing workforce demographics.

Graduate to a Great Job

Graduate to a Great Job

The job market for college grads today is much more difficult, partly because of a serious shortage of job search skills. Liberal arts schools are striving to develop new career development resources so students are better prepared. But, if you need more, this book, based on the stories of 35 successful recent grads, shows what works – and what doesn’t – in today’s fiercely competitive job market.

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Building Tomorrow’s Workforce
in Today’s Economy

Smart Workforce Strategies solves the skill and knowledge transfer problems created by a rapidly changing workforce and competitive environment. Led by Dr. David DeLong, we provide solutions for key challenges in workforce and career development. We help:

  • Minimize the costs of critical skill shortages
  • Improve cross-generational knowledge transfer
  • Create college infrastructures to prepare students for today’s workplace
  • Accelerate leadership development
  • Maximize the value of an aging workforce

Skills Gap Solutions: Minimize Risks of Knowledge Loss

Critical skill shortages are now a fact of life in sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare and energy. We help clients define the business risks of specific capability shortages, identify and implement the most practical solutions for closing skills gaps. More

Improve Performance of a Multi-Generational Workforce

With three generations in the workforce, leaders must motivate their best older workers, retain restless Gen-Xers, and develop tech-savvy Millennials faster. For firms large and small, we provide solutions to maximize the value of experienced employees, while improving collaboration and knowledge transfer across generations. More


Accelerate Leadership Development

The leadership pipeline in many organizations is dangerously thin. And, with more Baby Boomer executives approaching retirement, the competition for proven top talent is getting fierce. We show executives in large and small companies how to clarify new leadership skills needed and connect with the best resources to support succession planning. More

Colleges & Universities: Reinvent Career Services for Competitive Advantage

The job market for new college graduates has changed dramatically. But poor job placement is unsustainable, given today’s sky-high tuitions. We help higher ed leaders reinvent career development systems and infrastructures to strengthen liberal arts programs. We also provide career centers with new resources to help students land great jobs faster. More


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Sample Keynote Speeches

Smart Workforce Blog

How To Be Sure Your Knowledge Transfer Strategy Isn’t A House of Cards

Is your organization living on the edge? Does the loss of vital know-how or failure to document and transfer essential capabilities threaten to expose critical points of failure? Limit growth? Decrease innovation? Increase costs? Here are three things...

Five Trends Higher Ed Leaders Can’t Afford to Ignore

Recent articles suggest five trends posing significant risks for colleges and universities, if higher ed leaders don’t pay attention. Being aware of the data behind these trends is the first step to identifying productive responses.

The Real Game of Thrones: Developing Health Care Leaders Under the Affordable Care Act

Few leadership environments are as uncertain today as health care where the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is bringing countless changes to an industry that is growing rapidly, while also experiencing major cost constraints. Here are three critical success...

Lessons From Lambeau: How the Green Bay Packers Help You Close the Skills Gap

Instead of converting their beloved Lambeau Field to artificial turf, the Green Bay Packers have found a way to grow grass in November that preserves their mythical “frozen tundra.” The Packers use a complex combination of focus...

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