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Graduate to a Great Job

Graduate to a Great Job

The job market for college grads today is much more difficult, partly because of a serious shortage of job search skills. Liberal arts schools are striving to develop new career development resources so students are better prepared. But, if you need more, this book, based on the stories of 35 successful recent grads, shows what works – and what doesn’t – in today’s fiercely competitive job market.

High-Impact Talent

Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management

Do you have who it takes to grow your business in the future? This highly-practical book gives executives outside of HR the frameworks and tools to lead productive initiatives for recruiting, developing, and retaining skilled professionals and young leaders. Chapters cover prioritizing talent risks, innovative solutions, and measurement.

Lost Knowledge

Lost Knowledge

This widely-praised book shows how losing critical knowledge threatens the performance of the
organization. Loaded with case studies and solutions, it is a must-read for leaders who want to reduce the risks and leverage opportunities posed by changing workforce demographics.

 Aging, Changing Workforce Solutions

David DeLong & Associates helps clients solve the challenges created by a changing, and aging, workforce: aging baby boomers, restless Gen-Xers, and promising Millennials. We are leading experts on the strategic impacts of changing workforce demographics, the leader’s critical role in managing talent, and how to accelerate the transfer and retention of critical knowledge. More.

Keynote Speaking

Dave DeLong is an energizing and entertaining keynote speaker who engages audiences with stories and solutions for improving talent management to drive performance in the fast-changing multi-generational workplace. His talks combine practical action steps with entertaining stories that motivate employees and organizations to take action. More.


David DeLong & Associates helps clients create future workforce capabilities by accelerating leadership development, maximizing retention of high performing, high-impact employees, and building the business case for knowledge retention and talent management investments. More.

Workshops and Executive Briefings

Help your executive team or board of directors make better decisions about managing talent and the strategic impacts of the changing workforce. Or accelerate the progress on key talent management, knowledge retention, or aging workforce initiatives. More on Executive Briefings and Workshops.

Research Studies

We can establish your market position for thought leadership with leading edge studies that identify solutions for tough challenges created by an aging and changing workforce. More.

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Sample Keynote Speeches

Smart Workforce Blog

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Do you have a college student or young grad coming home this month? If so, your child’s post-college plans can be an emotionally charged topic over the holidays. Here are three things that will keep that dreaded job search conversation from turning...

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Here are four major challenges nurse leaders at leading healthcare organizations in the Northeast are worried about, and some ideas of how to address them. Are these issues on your agenda? How do you know they’re a problem? What are the business...

How to Reduce the Cost of Skills Gaps in Complex IT Projects

Complaints about skill shortages in IT are widespread. But rarely is the cost of inadequate IT expertise as evident as in a string of failed technology projects in the public sector. Leaders must take at least three steps to reduce the...

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