Listen Up! Here Are Latest Trends in the Aging Workforce

We’ve been talking about the aging workforce and critical skills shortages for years, but how are these challenges evolving? Are they actually the threat we thought they’d be? Want to better understand the different types of skills gaps employers are facing today? What are the dilemmas facing older workers – and employers – as new technologies change the skills needed to increase productivity?

Bill Villano, one of the leading workforce development experts in the country, recently interviewed me on his popular podcast, Workforce Today. Check out our conversation here to learn:

  • How the challenges of the aging workforce are shifting.
  • Four different types of skills gaps companies face.
  • What employers are doing to recruit and retain the next generation of workers.
  • How new technologies are changing the landscape of skills needed in the workplace.

Listen to our conversation here. If you like it, subscribe to his Workforce Today podcast and sign up for my quarterly newsletter.