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Services That Address the Skills Gap

Every program is customized to meet the specific needs of your audience. Working with us, you'll come away energized with specific tools to tackle the threats you face and knowledge of clear action steps.

You may be trying to educate your leaders or an industry-wide group about the risks of critical skill shortages, how to meet the challenges of an aging workforce, or how to minimize the costs of lost knowledge. Dr. David DeLong is a highly sought after speaker who informs and entertains audiences about the risks – and innovative solutions – for problems caused by the loss or shortage of essential capabilities.

Every program is customized to meet the specific needs of your audience. Executives and professionals participating in David’s presentations come away energized with a new sense of urgency, specific tools to tackle the threats they face, and knowledge of clear action steps.

Leaders sometimes know clearly where skill shortages are hurting performance. But in complex organizations, like advanced manufacturing plants, hospitals, and energy suppliers, it’s hard to pinpoint and prioritize which capabilities demand the most resources.

Diagnostic interviews with all levels of management, facilitated workshops using risk assessment tools, and executive briefings produce customized business cases to improve investment decisions.

Every skills gap problem occurs in a unique industry and geographic context that suggests a range of solutions. Our broad experience with clients in sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare and aerospace gives us insights into many options. Customized reports and presentations can greatly accelerate your organization’s choice of the best solutions.

Interventions to minimize the costs of skill shortages often require significant organizational change. And leaders need to manage these change dynamics effectively to make investments pay off. We provide frameworks and processes to jump start implementation and keep it on track through executive coaching and hands on workshops.

Who We Work With

Smart Workforce Strategies offers Skills Gap Solutions for:

  • Association presidents & executive directors
  • CEOs
  • Senior line executives
  • Chief talent officers
  • Human Resources VPs
  • Directors of organizational learning
  • Line managers

Why Collaborate with Smart Workforce Strategies

Working with you to find the skills gap solutions for your business

Dr. David DeLong is a leading authority on identifying risks and solutions to prevent the loss of critical knowledge and capabilities.


What Others Are Saying

"Dave DeLong's 'Closing the Skills Gap' presentation at our Annual Meeting was a huge hit!...They especially liked his specific, actionable ideas that they could apply immediately. We look forward to working with Dave again."
Don Farley
Director of Marketing, Forging Industry Association
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"David DeLong brought unique insights and guidance to the pressing problem of effective talent management...93% of manufacturers in attendance learned something they could use in their business starting tomorrow."
Lee Swindall
Executive Director, Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership
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"Dave, you’re no doubt THE authority on the subject of the changing workforce. One executive wrote, 'One of the best presentations ever given at CIMS.'  Another said, 'I really enjoyed the real life examples and a-ha’s for closing the gap with generations Y & X.' "
Kavin Moody
Executive Director, Center for Information Management Studies, Babson College
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