Client Testimonials

"Dr. DeLong conducted a fabulous session at our first-ever Statewide Nursing Symposium...

to address the nursing shortage in Connecticut! He clearly defined Lost Knowledge and illustrated its profound impact on the profession of nursing within the clinical and academic settings.  He has the ability to communicate this information to the audience by using concrete examples; and he provided viable strategies and solutions for healthcare facilities and academic institutions that can be implemented in the short and long term to positively address this severe workforce crisis.  Dr. DeLong far exceeded our expectations!"

Marcia B. Proto
Executive Director for the Connecticut League for Nursing

"It was an honor to have you as one of our keynote speakers...

 and to learn from your thought-provoking presentation on knowledge retention strategies. …Our executives rated your session as one of the strongest based on content and ideas they could immediately employ."


Roger Shaffer
CEO, FCC Services,
Farm Credit System
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“Thank you for sharing your views on demographic threats

and off shoring opportunities with the TXU board of directors and senior leadership team last week. …Your presentation added greatly to the overall strategy meeting.”


John Wilder
Chairman & CEO,
TXU Corp.
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“Your presentation was a great kick-off for our ACLI Executive Roundtable meeting.

The topic was important to all the CEOs in the room – and your presentation style and energy got the entire group engaged...”


Mark Thresher
Nationwide Financial
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“Thanks for your terrific presentation at the annual VHA Mountain States Leadership Conference.

You really zeroed in on the workforce and talent management issues facing our healthcare clients.  Your customized approach to our executive audience was a tremendous hit.  It was great working with you, and we look forward to collaborating again!”

Joan Evans Condon
Senior Vice President,
VHA Mountain States
Mountain States Region

"Thanks for delivering such a terrific series of workshops for the NRC.

 …We look forward to working with you again."

Marty Virgilio
Deputy Executive Director for Operations,
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
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"Dr. DeLong's work with our staff resulted in outcomes far beyond what we expected.

…With his guidance, we created a very precise road map for passing on critical knowledge to new staff. … We definitely look forward to working with you again!"

Mary-Anne Morrison
Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development
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“Your presentation on the ‘Five Myths of a Changing Workforce’ was a huge hit

at our annual HR Leadership Conference.”

Curt Gray
BAE Systems
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“Dave DeLong really hit a cord with our Center for Information Management Studies sponsors

at our program on Sustaining Critical IT Workforce Capabilities: Framework for Action.  He is no doubt THE authority on the subject of the changing workforce and we were very impressed with how he tailored his insights to our diverse group of IT executives. The participants’ comments tell the story best. 

One executive wrote, “One of the best presentations ever given at CIMS.”  Another said, “I really enjoyed the real life examples and a-ha’s for closing the gap with generation Y & X.  And yet another, “Dave’s life scenarios were extremely helpful...I can apply his material to my own concerns and issues.”

Kavin Moody
Executive Director,
Center for Information Management Studies, Babson College

"Your keynote presentation to MHCA last week in Scottsdale was just great.

Our members have expressed their appreciation for your preparation and delivery style. David, you exceeded our expectations."

Donald J. Hevey
President, CEO,
Mental Health Corp. of America
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“David DeLong recently led a workshop for The Conference Board of Canada’s Human Resource Executive Councils.

It was a pleasure working with David from early conversations to understand the audience and session objectives through post-event follow up. 

He is very professional and goes the extra mile to ensure he’s prepared.   His interactive style allowed members to thoroughly discuss issues and surface great practices.  He also shared his deep knowledge on the challenges faced by executives and offered strategies to mitigate the risks.  Members left the workshop with practical advice and tools which can be put to immediate use in their organizations.” 

Ruth Wright
Associate Director,
The Conference Board of Canada

"Your remarks during the opening session of our May Summit were outstanding.

The presentation was instrumental in setting the tone for the rest of the conference."

Wylecia Wiggs Harris
Executive Director,
Center for American Nurses

“Thanks so much for sharing your many valuable insights and research on the Seven Assumptions That Keep Aging Baby Boomers Unemployed.

It was great session for our Career Transitions Group.  You gave us wonderful food for thought that was very useful for all age groups. 

The real-world examples, interview snippets, and stories made your talk both extremely interesting and effective!  Your informal style was engaging, and a great way to communicate the faulty assumptions that get in the way of successful job searches.  Thanks again for a great job!”

John Sheffield
Concord Career Transitions Group

"I was so delighted to have you speak to our group, the “Precision Metalforming Association,” this past month in Puerto Rico.

  …I was convinced from our first meeting that you had the answers to…workforce knowledge retention. …I hope other organizations hear your message and jump on board before it is too late."

Bernard Rosselli
PMA Past Chairman & President,
Stewart EFI
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"Few speakers have the ability to translate demographic data into real-life impact.

Thank you for your exceptional contribution to our Next Generation Workforce Conference."

Kempton Dunn
Director, Program Development,
The Conference Board
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"Thank you for your very practical approaches in helping us develop a sound, explicit business case for our knowledge retention program.

…Your insights and advice were invaluable."

Rich Doody
former Knowledge Management Program Leader,
Kraft Foods
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"…Thank you for your assessment of our organization and the impediments we face moving forward on our knowledge sharing strategic objective.

…The assessment provided our leadership team with recommendations that will be incorporated into an actionable plan."

Melanie Sloane
Director, Strategic Missile Programs,
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
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"David, thanks for your wonderful contribution to our Passport to Leadership program.

Your talk on “Eight Keys to Improving Knowledge Retention” really engaged both young and seasoned employees. ...Thanks again for your efforts in helping us make progress on these important challenges."

Kiho Sohn
Chief of Knowledge Management,
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
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"Thanks for your wonderful contribution to our recent conference on 'The Aging of Massachusetts'

sponsored by Governor Romney. Your passionate keynote presentation on the enormous implications of the aging workforce was a great learning experience. …The stories and insights you shared had a tremendous impact on the Governor’s staff."

Ranch C. Kimball
Executive Office of Economic Development
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"Thank you for participating as a panelist at the 2005 INPO CEO Conference.

Your remarks on the aging workforce resonated with those in attendance since this is an important topic for our industry. …We appreciate the effort that went into your remarks..."

Jim Ellis
President & CEO,
Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
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…David’s real life experiences and ability to translate other industry’s failures and triumphs in the healthcare arena was a noted plus for this audience.

 …Thank you for an exceptional presentation."

Duane F. Napier
MSN, RN, BC – Executive Director,
West Virginia Center for Nursing
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"David DeLong brought unique insights and guidance to the pressing problem of effective talent management that has become a key leadership priority for manufacturers in Wisconsin.

 C-Level leaders in particular were very positive about his keynote address. Namely, 93% of manufacturers in attendance learned something they didn't know before and could use in their business starting tomorrow. David's remarks were a clear value addition to our most successful conference ever."

Lee Swindall
Executive Director
Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership

"On behalf of AARP thanks for your participation in our conference, Business Solutions for an Aging Society. …

The program presentation was met with a great deal of enthusiasm that was evidenced by the questions and feedback from participants."

Deborah R. Russell
Director, Economic Security,
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"As the keynote speaker at RWD Technologies' recent client conference, …Dr. DeLong created a sense of urgency concerning a very real issue

...stemming from an irreversible demographic trend, while providing attendees with the strategies and confidence to solve the problem. His energetic, yet approachable style made this presentation interactive and fun. It was a stimulating and thought-provoking start to our conference."

Mac MacLure
RWD Technologies
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"Your energy and presentation style – full of real-world case studies on the impact of an aging workforce – was a critical component of our recent benefits symposium.

…Your message around anticipating and managing potential knowledge loss in the workplace is both timely and top of mind."

Ben Colvin
Vice President, Institutional Marketing,
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"I would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for your participation in our recent national benefits symposium.

…I look forward to the next time we are fortunate enough to collaborate together."

C. Robert Henrikson
President & CEO,
MetLife, Inc.
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"Many sincere thanks for your wonderful presentation…

 which was so professionally delivered and nicely tailored to South Dakota's aging nursing workforce needs. Participants were truly wowed by your expertise and your light hearted presentation style kept it fun and engaging!"

Linda J. Young
South Dakota Board of Nursing Program Director,
SD Center for Nursing Workforce
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"Thank you for all you did to make our event such a huge success.

…We are thrilled that we were able to get you here and that your material and presentation style were just superb."

Dr. Lyndall Hare
Director, Lifetime Learning Institute,
Central Piedmont Community College
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"Dr. DeLong's contribution to the EduNeering conference was invaluable.

His presentation was topical, relevant and compelling. …His ability to connect with the audience, and delve deeply into his material shows his passion for his work. …We look forward to our next event with David."

Bonni Scepkowski
Stellar Meetings & Events
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"Thanks for your excellent presentation last month at our Accenture Learning Innovation Retreat.

... I know participants found it provocative and engaging."

Hap Brakeley
Accenture Learning
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"Thank you for your energy and resourcefulness and attention to our needs.

... You have been wonderful to work with!"

Jean Thomson
President, Dashe & Thomson, Minneapolis, MN,
sponsor of presentation to the Minnesota High Tech Association
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"Thank you for doing a superb job at our conference ‘Achieving Growth through Strategic Innovation’ …in Brussels.

... The evaluation forms we received … were uniformly laudatory of your contributions."

Dirk De Moor
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"Thank you very much for participating in the AMD Global Vision Conference.

...You added so much as a catalyst."

Della van Heyst
The Van Heyst Group,
Conference Organizer
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"Thank you for your contributions to the knowledge management virtual discussion for our Employer Partners.

... Your presentation on “Conceptualizing Knowledge Transfer” was both useful and insightful. …The average rating for your presentation was 4.3 out of 5. …We look forward to working with you again in the future."

Kathy Lynch
Director, Employer Engagement,
Boston College Center on Aging & Work/Workplace Flexibility
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"Our audience for Dave DeLong’s presentation was a mixture of workforce development professionals and community leaders.

 …Instead of speaking to the choir, he wound up converting 125 people to the gospel of retaining lost knowledge. …His information is as entertaining as it is distressing."

Bill Villano
Connecticut Workforce Alliance
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"Thanks for the great presentation.

...Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed it and have found the information very useful."

Ralph Marsh
National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators,
2006 Conference Chair

"Thank you so much for an enlightening presentation the 2007 National Conference on the Creative Economy. …You kept the audience engaged and …the conference provided real value on the topic."

Gerald L. Gordon, Ph.D.
President and CEO,
Fairfax County Economic Development Authority
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"Thanks for helping make the 7th Annual Braintrust International Conference such a terrific success!

...Your passion for the management challenges of an aging workforce had great impact on our audience."

Jennifer Finer
Institute for International Research
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“Excellent session at the BAE Systems HR conference!

The fun generational differences activities had everyone thinking: “Wow, times have changed at the blinking of an eye!”  Your session charged my organization to think about how the issues of the aging workforce are going to impact our business and what are we going to do about it.”

Tia Wiggins
HR Business Partner,
BAE Systems

“Dave DeLong truly captured the attention of my undergraduate class on nonprofit organizations...

For the first community based service learning course Colby’s offered on this topic I wanted students to hear an expert, particularly one with charisma and real depth of experience, talking about causes and consequences of lost knowledge. I needed someone who would make the theoretical material we are reading relevant to the all too real problems of the nonprofits with which we have partnered.

Dave’s contribution in these ways was exceptional. Not only that, but he also showed students worrying about the job market why they will quite likely come out fine as our country’s demographic profile changes! He presented complex ideas clearly and gave the students useful tools to bring to their nonprofits. His enthusiasm is contagious and it was abundantly clear that he truly enjoys teaching. All the students recommend that next time the course is offered that he be invited back to lead it off with a lecture. Great job!”

Prof. Thomas J. Morrione
Charles A Dana Professor of Sociology,
Colby College

"Thank you for your great presentation...

I’ve received a number of emails from The Concord Professional Network members singing your praises.”

Bobbi Ciarfella
Concord Professional Network